Being verified means that you have joined the website and that you have your Minecraft character added to your Enjin account.

Verified Rank

1.) 5 Homes!
2.) A Discord rank!
3.) A salary of $50 every 10 minutes! /job set verified
4.) Access to the Mining world warp! /miningworld
5.) Access to the End warp! /theend
6.) Access to the Nether warp! /thenether

Joining the website:
1.) Click the drop down menu at top right of the page (it either says your Enjin usename or login).
2.) Click "Join Website" towards the bottom.

Adding your Minecraft character to Enjin:
1.) Go to your Enjin profile page, then scroll down about half way.
2.) Click on the character hyper link in the character tab to the right.
3.) Then click "add character" under Minecraft.
4.) Open the latest version of the Minecraft vanilla client (do not use any other client other than the original Minecraft vanilla client to do this).
5.) Go to Multiplayer
6.) Click on Direct Connect
7.) Enter the server address:
8.) Join the server and once you're kicked from the server, you'll receive a code.
9.) Copy the code given when you are kicked from the server.
10.) Go back to your profile Paste the code into the Minecraft character verification popup and save the character.

Claiming your rank:
1.) Go to the Donation Store.
2.) Click "Ranks".
3.) Add the rank Verify to your cart.
4.) Purchase the free rank.
5.) Wait... (The rank is usually instantly given, but could take up to a few minutes.)